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Elective Name PSYCH 05
Department Psychological medicine
1. Type of work Community based and clinical
2. Place of work Community based and hospital based
3. Structure of the appointment Structured
4. Timing Any time of the year
5. Minimum and maximum duration Minimum: 1 week
Maximum: 2 weeks
NB: Can be negotiated beyond the given limits.
6. Eligibility criteria for the elective students • Medical undergraduates with at least 2 weeks of clinical exposure in psychiatry or at least sixteen weeks of clinical exposure in any speciality
• Undergraduates in clinical psychology, occupational therapy and social work (to be negotiated on a case by case basis)
7. Subject area/s of elective offered • Staging of motivations to change
• Motivational interviewing
• CBT, cue exposure therapy and standard alcohol/ substance use therapies
• Innovative approaches like addressing subculture and using empowerment
• Medical management of substance use problems like alcohol detoxification and disulfiram therapy
• Substance use prevention in community using innovative approaches
8. Learning outcomes • Skills in staging motivation
• Basic understanding and initial skills of motivational interviewing
• Basic skills needed for inpatient alcohol detoxification
• Basic understanding of conducting community based substance use prevention activities
• Basic understanding of involving family/ significant others in substance use therapy
9. Main activities during the appointment • Observation of inpatient alcohol detoxification
• Clerking of patients under supervision of a person competent in motivational interview
• Visits to a community based specialised alcohol, drug and tobacco treatment centre
• Home visits for assessment of clients and relevant subcultures
• Follow up home visits for clients.
• Observation of community based prevention activities like small group discussions in real communities