An Elective in the Tropics                                                                                                             An Elective amidst Sri Lankan Hospitality and Rich Culture                                                                                                 Get a Taste of Learning in the Second Oldest Medical School in South Asia                                                                         Work in One of the Largest Hospitals in the World


Elective Name CLINMED01
Department Clinical Medicine
1. Type of work Clinical
2. Place of work Hospital based
3. Structure of the appointment Highly structured teaching learning programme in line with final year professorial student teaching.
4. Timing All year round except during the period of main clinical examinations
5. Minimum and maximum duration Minimum: 1 week
Maximum: 3-months
6. Eligibility criteria for the elective students To be an undergraduate medical student in a recognized university and having started clinical work
7. Subject area/s of elective offered General medicine, pulmonology, nephrology, critical care ,infectious diseases, endocrinology, neurology, toxicology, cardiology, rheumatology
8. Learning outcomes As specified by the student and the sponsoring university.
9. Main activities during the appointment Clinical work