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How to apply


  • Any undergraduate student currently registered for a medical or allied health science course in an overseas University or Medical School.
  • Some departments may request for additional qualifications, depending on the elective appointment.
* Click on the department links to check on the eligibility criteria of the elective appointment you wish to select.

Elective appointments:

Click on the department links to view the elective appointments offered by each department.
  • All elective appointments are flexible and modifiable to suit the individual preferences.
  • More than one elective appointment in different subject areas within the same department or in different departments could be combined during the specified electives period.
  • Combinations of both non-specific and structured programmes are allowed.


  • The administration fee would be US $ 75 per week for all the elective appointments except for the appointments in the department of Community Medicine and department of Microbiology.

  • Elective appointments in the department of Community Medicine and department of Microbiology, which include several field visits, would require a fee of US $ 100 per week.

On-line application:

The following steps are to be followed;
  • Before applying, you should register with the Electives Unit by creating a personal account for yourself. To create an account, click on Create a Student Account.

  • Once you submit your personal details, an account will be created immediately.

  • Save your username and password for future correspondence.

  • Download the Application form.

  • Complete every item specified in the application form.

  • * Insert the scanned photograph of yourself and letter issued by the Dean of the Faculty confirming your student status as CLEAR IMAGES on the same application form.

  • Once completed, log in to your Student Account created with the system using the username and password in order to submit the completed application form.

  • Once the application is submitted, a reference number will be automatically generated for your application in the database.
  • * For all future correspondence, please quote this reference number.

  • If the university wants to register all the elective appointments for a particular batch simultaneously, the university administration should register the university with the Electives Unit by sending your request to the following email address; elective@med.cmb.ac.lk.

  • If you have any queries regarding the application process or about the elective appointment you prefer, you can send a message to the Electives Unit.

  • If you forget the username and password, you should send an email to the web administrator elective@med.cmb.ac.lk indicating your surname, first name, email address, University/College/Medical School and country of current residence.

Process after application

  • If the application is incomplete, it will be notified to you through your Student Account within two working days of submission. In such cases, there will be a message for you in Re-submit Application form requesting to re-submit the completed application form.

  • If the application is complete,It may take around two weeks for the Electives Unit to process your application.

  • Check the status of your application by logging in to your Student Account. Click "Read Decision"

  • If your application has been completely rejected, then make a new application for another elective appointment. Reason for rejection is given with the decision. Please note that further queries about the rejected appointment are not allowed.

  • * If there are any queries regarding the application process or about the elective appointment you prefer, you can send a message from your Student Account to the Electives Unit. For all future correspondence, please quote the elective reference number.

On-line registration as an elective student

  • If you wish to accept the appointment, you should register as an elective student.
  • Please note that payment is mandatory for a student to register.
  • How to make the payment:
    *The details on how to deposit your payment will be sent to you once you are accepted as an Electives student. The Letter of Acceptance will include the amount to be paid, the account number and the Bank.
    * Please note that further processing of your registration will be activated only after the slip number on the payment voucher given as proof is verified.
  • On receipt of the registration, you will receive the letter of acceptance, an information sheet and a standard visa letter.
  • Fees – non refundable

On arrival

• Prior to your arrival you should send us the confirmed arrival date to facilitate your elective appointment in the department.

• Please note that you should bring true copies of payment slip, Dean’s letter and two photographs.

• You should report to the Electives Unit located at the Faculty on your arrival (The map of the faculty)